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Your telnet session with the Wofford WITCH has been launched.

If you are having trouble with establishing your telnet session, review the information on the Telnet Clients page. If you would like to connect manually, you can use a telnet client of your choice to connect to http://www.woffordwitch.com on port 232.


Once your telnet session is established, the system should respond with a banner that reads "THE WOFFORD WITCH IS READY!!". This is the message that the original Wofford Witch broadcast to all terminals when it had completed its startup process after booting.

To log in (this example shows the guest account of 40,1), you should type:

HELLO 40,1

and press the enter key. The system will then ask you for a password. Type your password (the guest account's password is GUEST), and press the enter key. You will then be prompted to enter a Usage Category. The Usage Category was a Wofford customization that was used to track system usage for statistical purposes. You can hit enter to get a list of usage categories. Type in the number of your desired usage category and press enter. You should then receive a READY prompt. The system is now waiting for you to tell it what to do. You can do a directory (of games, for example) by typing DIR GAME: and pressing enter. To run a program (POKER, for example), type RUN GAME:POKER.

To log off the system, type BYEY or BYEF and press enter. If you forget to log off, the detached program $WAITS will log off idle terminals after 15 minutes (or maybe 20 - I can't remember). $WAITS is a program that was developed at Wofford by Dr. Dan Olds to log off terminals where students had just walked away and not logged off.


If the system seems to be sending the ENTER key twice when you only pressed it once, you need to read the information on the Telnet Clients page to help you configure your telnet client.

If you would like your personal account on the Witch, email Ashley.

The WITCH has been brought back to life for you by Kevin, the original wizard.
This web site, WoffordWitch.com, has been provided by Ashley
DEC Documentation in PDF format courtesy of Al Kossow's Bitsavers
Send an email to Ashley